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About me

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Luis Neves Ferreira | Realtor

Meet Luis Neves Ferreira, your go-to expert in residential and commercial real estate at eXp Realty. As the proud owner of Puros Houses, Lda, a distinguished real estate advisory company, Luis brings over three decades of invaluable experience in business consulting and sales to the thriving real estate market.
Why Choose Luis: Unparalleled Expertise: With a remarkable 30-year track record in business consulting and sales, Luis has acquired an in-depth understanding of Portugal´s real estate market.

Construction Insights: Luis´s background in residential construction provides unique perspectives on property quality and construction-related considerations, ensuring you make well-informed decisions.

Client-Centric Approach: Passionate about serving clients, Luis is dedicated to delivering exceptional, professional, and respectful services that prioritize your needs and satisfaction.

Global Partnership: Collaborating with eXp Realty, the world´s leading real estate company, is a true privilege. This partnership empowers Luis to offer you unparalleled investment opportunities within our country´s real estate market.

Turning Your Real Estate Dreams into Reality: Whether you´re in search of a new home, a commercial property, or a strategic real estate investment in Portugal, rest assured that Luis has the expertise and insight to guide you through the process. He´s committed to helping you achieve the greatest returns on your real estate investments.

Get in Touch: Contact Luis Neves Ferreira at (+351) 934 157 699 or to embark on your real estate journey. Partner with Luis and explore the boundless opportunities that Portugal´s real estate market has to offer."

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