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At eXp all agents become shareholders in your company through their production or by attracting new agents.

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eXp Realty offers you the opportunity to be a shareholder in eXp World Holdings, Inc. code Nasdaq - EXPI :

- On the 1st transaction of the year, the consultant will receive shares worth the equivalent of 150€;

- On reaching the CAP every year, you will receive shares worth the equivalent of 300€;

- On the 1st transaction of a Level 1 consultant in your Revenue Share Group, you will receive shares worth the equivalent of 300€;

You can also optionally increase your shareholding position in eXp World Holdings, Inc. by enrolling in the AGENT EQUITY PROGRAM, where 5% of the value of your sales commissions made at eXp will be transformed into EXPI shares, with a 5% discount on the nominal value of the share on the NASDAQ.


The ICON AGENT AWARD recognises consultants who stand out for their exceptional production at eXp. When, in a 12-month period, a property consultant produces gross commissions in excess of €400,000, with a minimum of 10 transactions or, alternatively, a minimum of 30 transactions following the achievement of the CAP, the ICON AGENT AWARD

The ICON AGENT AWARD consists of a prize of up to €25,000 in EXPI shares (NASI).000 in EXPI (NASDAQ) shares, as well as participation and sharing of experiences and knowledge in the ICONversations and the ICON Mastermind, which takes place during eXp's annual event, the EXP CON.

eXp World Holdings, Inc.

eXp World Holdings, Inc. is the holding company for eXp's ecosystem of companies, and is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol EXPI. Each of its companies has been developed with the aim of fulfilling the promise of the new economy. Through the power of information, technology and innovation, eXp empowers companies and individuals, transforming the world of work as we know it today.

Companies that are part of the eXp World Holding, Inc. ecosystem:

eXp World Holdings