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At eXp you can create your real estate team from scratch, or if you already have a team or an independent real estate agency, you can join eXp without losing your identity, at lower cost, with more tools and a broad global real estate network.

There is also the Duo Team (Domestic Teams) model, which is made up of two eXp agents who are married or cohabiting.

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At eXp you are given the opportunity to bring your team into the eXp environment, allowing you to retain all the freedom of working methods and team management, benefiting from a percentage of the business generated by your team and all the benefits of belonging to eXp, such as Revenue Share, share-based remuneration and free training. eXp values professionals with tradition and market presence, so you can also keep your brand associated with eXp by adding the Powered by eXp image to your logo.

By bringing your team to eXp, you will certainly have a significant reduction in fixed costs, as you will be able to take advantage of a series of tools that are included free of charge in the monthly fee, such as a state-of-the-art CRM, your own team website with its own logo, a website for each consultant on the team, unlimited exports to the main property portals, market research and valuation tools, a system for creating virtual tours, email marketing, legal support, as well as expanding your national and international network.

If you own an independent real estate agency or manage a team of consultants, eXp's team model is ideal for you, if you value freedom of decision, professionalism, controlled costs, the best tools and technology on the market, a broad global business network, all without having to abandon your image and identity.

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