eXp Realty Compensation

At eXp Realty, agents have access to excellent conditions:
- the best commissions on the market,
- passive income through revenue sharing with the Revenue Share system,
- and the possibility of receiving eXp shares on the Nasdaq.

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Attractive commissions

At eXp, agents have permanent support from the national management team.

They have complete freedom to work in any region of Portugal.

They are not obliged to hold daily meetings or do a minimum amount of listings.

The initial commission the split is: 75% for the Agent and 25% for eXp.

However, eXp will only receive its percentage of the commission, up to the limit (CAP) of 25.000,00€, i.e. when the agent produces a turnover that generates gross commissions of 100.000,00€, from that moment on and until 12 months from the anniversary date of their contract, the agent will receive 100% of their new commissions, deducting only the Transaction Fee of 250,00€.

Revenue Share

The agents will receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the agents they attract to eXp.

This is passive income, derived from revenue sharing, so the amounts received will not be deducted from the agents but will come out of eXp Realty's share.

This income will continue to be paid to the agent for as long as they remain with eXp and as long as the consultant they have attracted continues to generate sales for eXp.

After 3 years as a agent with eXp, your Revenue Share becomes perpetual. If you are a agent but are unable to work, you will continue to receive this income or, in a more serious situation, it can be left as an inheritance, with the heir having to join eXp.

Your Revenue Share group can have an unlimited number of consultants and up to 7 downline levels,

The new consultants you directly attract represent your Level 1;

Consultants who are attracted by a consultant on your Level 1 will correspond to your Level 2 and so on up to consultants on your Level 7;

The percentages paid are expressed in the Revenue Share table below.

Your Revenue Share group can have agents from Portugal or any other country in which eXp operates, and will allow you to create your financial independence and retirement.

Revenue Share

eXp World Holdings, Inc. shares

At eXp all agents, in addition to their commissions and passive income from the Revenue Share, will also benefit from shares of the company.

When the agents reach production targets, either their own or those of the agents they have attracted, they will become shareholders in eXp World Holdings, Inc. which is listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker EXPI and owns 100 % of eXp Realty, among other companies.

In this way the agents, in addition to being colleagues, also become "partners", which naturally provides a more collaborative and participative environment, contributing to better performance and an excellent working environment.

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