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eXp Realty's agents have a wide range of innovative tools and technologies that provide better performance and greater productivity in their day-to-day work.

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Productivity tools available to eXp Realty agents:

- Clients Management System (CRM):

eXp Realty's state-of-the-art CRM allows agents to organise their work schedule. You'll create files with complete information on your listings and developments, manage your leads, clients and deals. All phases of the property business are recorded here for better monitoring and control now and in the future.

- Free export to the main Real Estate Portals:

Imovirtual, CasaSapo, Supercasa, CasaYes and Idealista (each agent also has access to Idealista Pro, which allows you to have all your enquiries on Idealista and manage 4 monthly highlights and receive contacts and leads directly to your email and phone).

- Special prices (pay-per-use) for the main international real estate portals:

Kyero, Green- Acres, Rightmove, James Edition, among others.

- Agent's personal website:

The agent will have their own personal page, with their own address, with their professional description, photo, contacts, listings raised, and they can also add listings of other colleagues where only their contact details appear.

- Marketing Centre:

Access to a platform with dozens of templates for marketing material that you can use and personalise, in forms, letters, emails, social networks, etc. There are the most diverse pre-defined marketing materials such as, business cards, signs, brochures and an email marketing platform.

- Digital Business Card:

You'll have a tool available for creating your Digital Business Card and always dynamic and up-to-date with your personal details and social networks.

- Virtual Tour Platform:

eXp Realty's virtual tour platform allows agents with a 360º camera to create and share free, unlimited virtual tours of listings (It also works for property portals).

- Market Analysis Tools:

eXp agents will be able to create free, CMA Comparative Market Analyses, studies of the market in their region of operation with eXp's own metasearch tool.

They also have free and unlimited access to the Confidencial Imobiliário - SIR and MICROSIR websites, as well as special subscription prices for the main metasearch operators on the market: Casafari, Reatia and Alfredo.

- eXp's exclusive and closed social Network:

eXp has its own social network, Workplace, which is only available to eXp agents around the world, where you can share deals, new acquisitions, join discussion groups or communicate easily by chat with any eXp agents in the various countries, as well as the entire eXp staff and leadership, either by computer or mobile application - mobile phone or tablet.

Transform your Business
eXp World the eXp metaverse

eXp.World is a metaverse world where each agent has their own avatar, who can navigate a universe in 3 dimensions, with private rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, training rooms, the eXp University and offices for each country.

In eXp.World you can meet and communicate with your colleagues, all the eXp staff, take part in meetings, training, lectures, seminars, property and development presentations, international events, among other company activities, all from the comfort of your home and your computer.

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